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 Recruitment Testimonials :



Philippe H. - CEO at Fiskars France


"We regularly use the services of Belledonne Conseils for our recruitment. From the designer to the production manager, from the management controller to the buyer, or on rarer profiles, particularly in Germany.

Beyond the necessary understanding of our needs, Belledonne Conseils was abble to attach the human and psychological dimensions of the company to find candidates to meet our expectations, and immediately integrating the teams. We appreciate the good image of Fiskars which is given to candidates and the quality of their presentation "



Nadia C. - Human Resources Director at Sames Technologie


"Our company is a client of Belledonne Conseils, mainly for recruitment, for 9 years. We contact this partner for difficult positions, and on which we need responsiveness. We have never been disappointed. the shortlists are quality and the difficulty lies for us to make a final choice, always accompanied in our thinking  by Philippe LECAT. This one is in depth interested, and with methodology, to the proposed positions, his feedback are particularly relevant and impactful.

The working relationship is really comfortable, with returns on the mission wisely and effective, and a very high autonomy. Candidates questioned on the process are satisfied of the professionalism of Belledonne Conseils. So are we, for 9 years, and we continue to make orders. "





David B. - Recruitment and Executive Management Manager at Ugitech


"To support its strategy, Ugitech has to attract the right skills, and consequently, must adapt the means to achieve it.

Thus, constantly evolve our expectations and our level of recruitment demand requirement, become key. Belledonne Conseils has been working for several years to accompany Ugitech in this endeavor: Proximity, responsiveness, good understanding of the context and human approach are qualities that characterize this partner"



Sandra S. - Customer Support Manager


"We recently commissioned Belledonne Conseils for 2 recruitments, due to the development of the activity of our Customer Support Service.

I appreciated the quality of exchanges upstream from recruitment, to properly identify the desired profile of candidates, the feedback during the research phase and finally the candidates were consistently in line with the profiles we were looking for.

Belledonne Conseils is a very professional partner, and is in a real process of coaching and customized search profiles. "





HR Mission Testimonials :



Régis G. - Plant Manager at Dinac (3M Group)


"Beyond his skills and experience in Human Resources Management, I enjoyed with Philippe LECAT, his ability to generate reflection, to help us in the transformation of the company's management. He also has the sense to adapt his training to the public, from the operator in production, to the Plant Manager. Finally, he shared with us his relational network, to put us in touch with the right people to carry out our projects"



Béatrice J. - Human Resources Director Southern Europe

Véronique F. - Sales Director Southern Europe


"We had the opportunity to work with Philippe Lecat at different times and on different subjects.

Philippe has acted as support for the Human Resources Direction on technical issues (wage policy, career committee ...) on recruitment projects in France and Italy.

We also sought to build and lead a training session of Leadership for the management team.

His interventions were highly appreciated by the whole team. His real contribution lies in his humble and pragmatic approach, his ability to wear a clairvoyant look at the company and its organization, his openness and his empirical methodology always focused on the result. His overall approach appeared fully in line with the culture of the company.

Working with a Human Resources consulting firm as Belledonne Conseils is the opportunity to establish a partnership of trust and exchange and to enjoy true realistic and operational advice."






European Marketing Manager


"Given the need to take a break in my professional career and calmly consider a transition, Philippe was able to help me by showing great listening, using few tools, such tests, without abusing and especially by offering me a caring professional point of view. Philippe has created a climate of trust and time works for us during our interviews. If you need a coach and as you read these lines, meet him, you will see! "



Gilles A. - CEO at ALLAMAN


"We needed to move forward in the governance of the Health, Safety and Environment within the company. It is by questioning other General Director on the subject that I was brought to meet Philippe LECAT. Since, more than 3 years now, we working together. The establishment of a monthly safety meeting, the ownership of the different tools by users, staff involvement for his own safety are examples of the concrete work done with Philip. What I enjoy to work with Belledonne Conseils is the involvement of the consultant to achieve the right result for his client. "