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Career Management:


Potential assessment:

Potential assessment helps to guide your decision at the final stage of recruitment, or also for internal or external mobility. It measures the adequacy of a profile for a position.



An in-depth interview to highlight the skills and motivations of the candidate

Learning and personality tests

Measure the discrepancies between the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and the requirements of the function

The final exchange and explanation (essential to allow the personal reflection of the candidate)


Then, we deliver a report to the client for each candidate, highlighting: motivations, skills, main characteristics and limitations.

We compare the applications and recommend them both on their integrations and orientations.



  Individual support:

After taking up their post towards greater responsibilities, your employees need customized support to overcome the challenges of their new role. The need to improve their own personal impact, their practices, to challenge themselves, to cope with their loneliness... so many situations that lead to personalized support today.

This has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your employees.

This is a customized program with pre-defined objectives developed over 6-10 meetings.

An assessment is made with the person concerned.



  The professional assessment:

Professional assessment is a real career management tool which enables you to appreciate and value the abilities, skills and motivation of the employees and to promote their professional development.

For the following developments:

Internal promotion
Training or career change
Repositioning after a professional failure

Professional Assessment takes place in 3 successive sessions over 6-7 weeks.


Preliminary stage:

Through in-depth interviews and tests, the Consultant accompanies the employee to highlight:

Guidance wishes
Personal constraints

Formalization of the project:

Summary of operational expertise, acquired skills, strengths and areas for improvement
Study of the projects within the company or, if appropriate, within the employment market and industry…
Interview with the consultant
Network connection and customized training


Delivery of a written summary
Operational advice and guidance towards relevant databases

On request, post-assessment follow-up interviews may be arranged to guide the person on the implementation of their project.



Our Tools:

Personality Tests: SOSIE

Learning capacity tests

Practical Test

Professional and personal project

Transactional analysis Tools