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Why use our services for your recruitment?


We meet you, visit your business and draw up the job description of the position to be filled, with the manager. We submit the job description, to check that we have understood your needs.

The importance given to the form and writing of the job advertisement promotes your company to the candidates. Giving a good image of your company can attract the best talent.


The research includes:

Using our database, allowing a first rapid candidate search. Many of them spontaneously sent their resume to our company.

Sending the job descriptions to schools and our relationship network.

We publish the advertisement in the relevant job boards, on our website and on social networks.


" It is more difficult to understand clients' needs than to find the right candidate  "



Our Strenghts:

We take time to know our clients, their businesses and their environment

We maintain proximity and transparency in our relationships

We centralize applications and present the most relevant ones


We promote the image of our clients to the candidates

We practice an in depth study of the resume without stopping at the keywords

We accompany candidates in their integration


                                                        We reduce the uncertainty that exists in all recruitment



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